Unprofitable Sons

By : Pastor Jerry Smith (ICGC)

Scripture Reference: Luke 15:11-16

Sunday, 8th, April, 2018


More often than not most people who plant or help plant seeds do not stay to enjoy the fruits they yield. And the reason is that the enemy (the devil) is always on the agenda to destroy seeds right from the time they’re planted. In his haste to accomplish this aim he seeks to look for the seed planters or those who helped it planted. In Luke 15:11-16, we saw how a son who used to be useful ended up becoming unprofitable. He allowed the enemy to use him achieve his diabolical plans.

God is His infinite wisdom also plants His kingdom as a seed and He nurtures it with good people like you. But the enemy (the devil) has his agenda here too to destroy it. The devil is always looking for a way to destroy the church, and he doesn’t get outsiders to achieve this; he uses insiders- the seed planters themselves or those who helped plant it. What this means is that, it is possible for a person to start off a profitable son but when care is not taken, the enemy can make such a person unprofitable.


  1. Selfishness: One attitude that easily makes people become unprofitable is selfishness. Selfish people do not care about others other than themselves. Such is the attitude portrayed by the prodigal son. He never cared about the fact that his departure could cause a breakdown of his father’s estate. However, if people will be willing to be selfless to put others first before themselves, lives will be impacted positively and people will become profitable.
  2. Pride: The bible says God rejects the proud and elevates the humble. People who are proud easily become unprofitable. The proud see themselves to be better, bigger and greater than others. God will necessarily make all of us great but not all of us was created to stand alone; some of us were created to support others build while we also grow. Stay in whatever position you find yourself and be humble. God picks men who are humble and places them on top.
  3. No regard for the Father’s legacy: Unprofitable people do not have regard for the things they are to manage. But great things are built when people cared about the legacy being built by those they serve.


  1. The unprofitable son loses the supply of the father. Whoever God appoints or chooses He blesses them with supernatural gifts regardless their age, gender, level of education, etc. Such people too transfer these gifts/blessings to those who serve under them. Many people suffer because they have cut themselves from their fathers (those they serve) thus, do not receive from them.
  2. The unprofitable son loses the rare wisdom that only the father can give. People who do not have the patience to serve do not get the opportunity to receive guidance from their fathers. Stick to your fathers so that they’ll guide you and grant you wisdom.

In conclusion, it takes a longer time to train someone to become useful or profitable. However, it could take just a day to destroy all that a person has labored for. Make yourself profitable at all times.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I come before Your presence with a humble heart. I ask that You fill in me humility. Grant me the grace to put away pride. Amen