Addressing Storms – The Jesus Method

Addressing Storms – The Jesus Method

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Mark 4:39

Saturday, 28th, March, 2020


And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. ◄ Mark 4:39 ►

Friends, we notice in this context that Jesus Christ did a few things when He was called upon by His disciples for help in the middle of the storm.

1. He arose.
Meaning, whenever there is a storm or a challenge, we must call on God and when we do so, He will arise to our defense. He isn’t dead. There is no situation that’s beyond Him. He’s got the whole world in His hands. It may look as though He is asleep but He isn’t. The Bible says He neither sleeps nor slumber. (Psalm 121:4). When we call on Him, we will see His glory because He will surely arise. Just call on Him and He will arise.

2. The problem in the eyes of the disciples at the time was the wind so He rebuked the wind. But it’s interesting to note that the wind was not the actual problem and that there was a root cause. Until He dealt with the actual problem, there was no calm, there was no peace. He rebuked the storm but that didn’t calm the storm immediately until He dealt with the root cause. Every problem has a root cause that’s often not visible to the carnal eye.

3. He now spoke to the sea and said “Peace be still and the wind ceased, there was a great calm”.

Friends, note that until he addressed the root cause, there was no peace and the storm didn’t cease even though, he rebuked the storm earlier. What does this teach us?

We can do all that there is to be done, but until we speak to the ROOT CAUSE of this Corona Virus, there will be no PEACE.

Now, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we speak to the root cause of Corona Virus and declare that;

AND LET THERE BE A GREAT CALM in Jesus name Mighty name. Amen.

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Rev. Jerry Panou
The Head Pastor
Disciple Nations Church