God Can Clean Up Your Mess

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 9:1-12

Sunday, 22nd, April, 2018


There’s a popular thought that suggests that because of how messier we’ve lived our lives in the past, nothing good can come out of us. Yes, admittedly, we’re what we are today because of how we’ve lived our lives in the past. If others are doing well today, it is largely because of the good decisions they themselves they took in the past or because of certain good decisions their parents took on their behalf. Same can be said about those not doing well now. If everything about you seems not to be working, for instance, it is largely because of some mistakes you made yourself in time past or some mistakes your parents made. This means that our mess can be as a result of ourselves or others.

But the good news is that, no matter how messier you’ve lived your life, even now, God can clean up your mess. Sometimes situations of life can cripple us so much such that we don’t even have the courage to go for what rightly belongs to us. In our anchor scripture, a story is told about a descendant of Saul by name Mephibosheth who described himself as a dog (because of how messy he had lived his life) when he met King David. Nevertheless, his story altogether changed when he met King David and the lessons drawn from their encounter is the motivation for our sermon today.


  1. As long as you’re alive there’s hope for you. Bible makes us understand that there’s hope for a tree even when it is cut off and there’s still water available around it, it can spring up again. So it is for you too. Don’t give up on yourself when you’re not dead yet. Even the dying man still has hope, how about you who’s still strong and got all bodily parts in-tact? Every time you’re up and awake, know that it is an opportunity for you to breakthrough in this life.
  2. When it is your time it your time; nobody can stop you. In Ecclesiastics 3:1-8, we’re made to understand that there’s a time for everything; a time to be born and a time to die. What this means in other words too is that, there’s a time to be poor and a time to breakthrough as well. And when that season and time are up, nothing and nobody can stop you. When your time of elevation is due, nothing nor anybody can block you. In 2 Samuel 9:1-12, Ziba thought by he saying negative things about Mephibosheth, King David would give up on his desire to help him.
  3. Your current condition cannot stop God from changing your story. God is not man to look at your conditions before changing your story. Mephibosheth was lame in both fate, however, God changed his story. Whenever God wants to promote you He doesn’t look at your current situation, your past life, where you come from or where you’ve been to or who you’re connected to.
  4. Your story can change overnight. It may seem like it’s going to take longer years for your story to change but hear me, it’s going to take just a day for your story to change. You might not necessarily be aware of that day but that doesn’t mean that day wouldn’t come. In 2 Samuel, I doubt Mephibosheth knew that David’s request to see him was a turning around in his life. He rather thought by the maltreatment his grandfather Saul gave David, it was time for David to revenge him. But what happened? Everything about his life that moment turned around for good. And so shall be your story. You will walk into one opportunity and the next minute your story will change. You’ll have an overnight success.
  5. When it is your time those who seem to be ahead of you will serve you. Don’t get saddened by the fact that you finished school with a group of people and they all seem to be doing well except you. It could probably be their time. Have the patience to wait for yours, don’t jump the gun. When Mephibosheth finally broke through Ziba who was before doing very well ended up his servant. Such can also be your story. Believe it.
  6. God is able to restore all that you lost or hand over all that belongs to you. Maybe you’ve lost so much as a result of your past mistakes but I can assure you that God is able to restore all that you lost. Anything else too that the enemy and his cohorts have stolen from you, He’ll restore them to you.
  7. God will remember you but He will use men. God doesn’t operate in a vacuum; He uses men to bless His children. Your next level of promotion will come from God but He is going to use men to achieve that. God used King David and Ziba for instance to bless Mephibosheth. Therefore, do not take for granted the good people who come your way. Be humble and know how to strategically place yourself to receive these blessings when they come.
  8. Whatever you’re doing with your life today will affect generations after you either positively or negatively. David remembered the house of Saul not because of Saul himself but his son Jonathan and how good he was to David before he became king. And because of this same goodness, Mephibosheth was remembered to be blessed. This could happen to you too. God will bless your generations unborn because of how you served Him when you were alive.
  9. To eat with kings, the affluent, or great people, you don’t necessarily need human connection but you need God’s blessings, favour and remembrance. When God remembered Hannah it did not matter who liked her, and so will be your story. Don’t try to jump the process.
  10. Don’t give up, your story is changing. Believe that your story is changing from now. You’re getting a new job, getting married to the right person, your promotion is coming, poverty is been taken away from your life.

In conclusion, believe that God will clean up your mess, no matter how dreadful it looks. He isn’t going to do that because of how righteous you’re trying to be nor how educated you’re. But He’s going to clean up your mess because of His own mercy. Romans 9:14-18.



Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your word of truth and assurance. I’m lifted up and I’ve found a reason to smile and live for You again. I pray that You do not count my sins against me. Clean up every mess surrounding my life and strengthen me to live pure and holy for You, in Jesus Christ name I’ve prayed. Amen