How To Get Wisdom

How To Get Wisdom

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 4:5-9

Sunday, 24th, March, 2019


It is now an undisputed fact that wisdom is the principal thing. You need wisdom to build your life and anything worthwhile. The vicissitudes of life are overwhelming such that it takes wisdom to surmount them. So learning to deal with the tangible world in a practical way and to open yourself to the mystery of life, with reverence and humility, represents a new threshold in learning. It is passing through this threshold and the many thresholds beyond it that will generate wisdom in your life—the ability to know what must be done and the skill to learn how to do it and how to carry it forward effectively. Wisdom is a very important tool for your success in life as a child of God. How then do you develop wisdom?

  1. The fear of the Lord. Wisdom starts with the acknowledgement of God as the source of your life and that you’re accountable to Him. To gain wisdom you need to realize that you’re not your own creator, but that there’s somebody above you who rules in the affairs of men. Psalm 100:3. You’ll never have wisdom if you don’t acknowledge the power of God. The fear of God is to eschew every form of evil and show reverence to Him. What makes the difference in your Christian walk is how you fear God, and this is a decision that must be taken solely by you.
  2. Listening and learning. It’s very difficult to get wisdom if you’re not good at listening. Proverbs 1:5. Luke 2:46. At a very tender age Jesus was already at the temple listening and asking questions. Colossians 2:9. Listen to everyone, your superiors, your elders, your subordinates, etc. The more you listen the more you increase in learning and the more you increase in learning the more you grow in wisdom.
  3. Befriend the wise. Proverbs 13:20. You become whoever you walk with. You must be friends with wise people in order to be wise. Proverbs 11:14. There’s safety after you’ve taken consultation with the counsellors. The people you constantly walk with become directional seeds for your life. Until you break away from some associations you will not make progress.
  4.  Receive corrections and amend. Proverbs 15:31-32. If you heed to corrections you’ll gain wisdom and understanding. There are two forms of corrections. First, you’ll be rebuked when issues of life hit you. This form of correction doesn’t matter as long as you’re able to pick lessons from it. What you do with this lesson will determine whether you’re wise or not. The second form of correction is when an authoritative figure rebukes you. When you don’t have anybody in your life who can correct you at the time you go wrong then your life is heading towards doom. Rebukes and corrections are designed by God to shape our lives.
  5. Guard your emotions and words. Proverbs 17:27-28. Control the urge to speak at all times. Guard your tongues and emotions. Know that life will present to you opportunities to get angry but you must learn to be wise to control yourself under such circumstances.
  6. Appreciate the brevity of life. Psalm 90:12. As you grow older you appreciate how short life is. If you appreciate that life’s short you will not have the wisdom to stop engaging in unproductive activities.
  7. Pray. James 1:5. If you lack wisdom ask from the Lord, He’ll give you. Before you take any decision in your life make sure you have prayed first. When things are not working in your life pray for wisdom to handle the situations.