The Value of Your Soul!

The Value of Your Soul!

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Mark 8:34-38

Sunday, 27th, October, 2019


Have you for once spent a time to ask yourself how valuable your soul is to you, God and even the enemy? The truth is that whether you like or not your soul has a greater value. Your soul is worth more than the whole world – the physical, economic, academic, entertainment world, etc. For anything that you can think to be important, Jesus Christ has said your soul is worth more than anything else in the world. Your soul is worth something greater, and its value can be estimated. In Mark 8:36-37, Jesus placed a tremendous emphasis on the soul by asking the question: ” What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” The answer is absolutely nothing! You should understand part of your intrinic makeup is your soul – without it, there would be no connection between your body and your spirit.

1. The value of your soul is measured in its eternal quality. Luke 16:19, Revelation 20:1-6. Your soul never dies; it’s your body which rather perishes.
2. The value of your soul is measured by the devil’s interest in it. Revelation 1:18, Matthew 13:19. You need to understand that the devil is interested same way God is. The devil’s purpose is to steal your soul, kill and destroy it the reason he goes every length to court its attention.
3. The value of your soul is measured by God’s going concern to save your soul. 2 Peter 3:9, Romans 5:8. Whereas the devil wants your soul to languish in hell, God rather wants it to be saved. That’s why eventhough you’re a sinner, He still sent His begotten son to come and die to save you from your sins. This He continually does by providing you with not just one but several opportunities to get saved. For God, He sees your soul as the most precious thing on earth. God wants to live with you forever in heaven. But if you refuse God’s gracious invitation, He won’t force you to appreciate the priceless value of your soul. Instead, He will allow you to perish if you are determined to do so, even though He wants you to “repent and believe the good news.” (Mark 1:15)
4. The value of your is measured by the severity of its loss. It is very terrible when a person loses their life especially when they were not born again while alive. People will wail and question where the soul of the dead goes. You must acknowledge this truth to know how to live a worthy life.
5. Your soul is measured by the price paid for its redemption. 1 Peter 18:19. A higher price was paid to redeem your soul from perishing in hell. The blood of Jesus is one precious blood to be shed on the cros to save mankind from death as a result of sin.

Christ demands more than just going to church, more than just being a good human and more than serving in the church or community. He demands total surrender of your life to Him, the surrender of your hear, body and soul to Him. If you are lost, what shall it profit you if you gain the whole world and miss heaven? If you gain all the fun, all the applause of men, all the money and pleasures of this world, and miss heaven, and go to hell, and miss being saved by Jesus’ blood and righteousness, it would be a tragedy.