By : Pastor Samuel Annan

Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 1:1-19, Psalm 13:1-3, Hebrews 13:5, Luke 1:5-13.

Sunday, 23rd, September, 2018


There are times in our lives as believers that we feel that God has dejected or forgotten about us. Such is the moment when we think we’ve invested our times, monies and resources into serving the Lord with the hope that our prayers will also be answered yet the delays keep staring at us in the face. More often than not, when the delays set in we begin to have doubts about whether these prayers will be answered at all or not. We tend to ask ourselves questions like: has God forgotten about me? Will He remember me and answer my prayers at all? If yes, when will that be?
However, in all these seeming delays there’s a virtue that all believers must endeavour to cultivate, and that’s the character of long-suffering. In 1 Samuel 1:1-19, we’re told about the story of Hannah, of how despite all she went through in the hands of her rival she continued to desire the blessing of the fruit of the womb, yet upon all her persistence there seemed to be a delay. Bible says every year this woman and her husband and his other wife and their children (Hannah didn’t have a child and that’s her main desire) went to Shiloh to sacrifice unto the Lord. It appeared as though God had forgotten about her. But she didn’t stop sacrificing unto the Lord; she sobbed, prayed and even made a vow unto the Lord. It wasn’t easy on her part but finally the Lord of Hosts remembered her. That could also be your case at the moment. Maybe you strongly desire this one thing, maybe you’ve prayed for long, maybe you’ve fasted enough, and maybe you continue to cry because of what others have said to you, etc. listen! Don’t give up on the faith. The Lord has not forgotten about you. He’ll remember you. He’ll cause His face to shine upon you. That one thing you strongly desire, you shall surely have it.
However, there’s this thing you must know and understand about your Christianity journey. It is about the kind of people you encounter and deal with while you continue to worship the Lord and trust Him for the answering of your prayers.

1. The Peninnah type.
Peninnah just like Hannah was the wife of Elkanah. She had sons and daughters whilst her rival, Hannah had some point never even boasted of one. Bible says Peninnah mocked and provoked Hannah for the fact that she couldn’t bear a child. Even at Shiloh she continued with her mockery. However that didn’t stop Hannah from focusing on her worship to the Lord. Maybe that’s exactly what you’re also facing in your life right now. Maybe there are others mocking you for your long service to God yet have nothing to show. Don’t fret and don’t be distracted by their provocations and mockery. Deal with them and continue to focus on what God has for you and what you want from Him. Don’t ever think about giving up on your faith because of your mockers. The truth is that your mockers will always be around.

2. Elkanah type.
The Elkanah type of people are your sympathizers. They’re those who are willing to commiserate with you in your woes, in your sufferings, and in your troubles. They’re those who will soothe you with encouraging words such as it is well with you, all these pains will be over, etc. so that probably you can forget what you need. The truth here too is that, it actually feels so good to have sympathizers around you. However, don’t let their sympathy stop you from worshipping God. Sympathizers by their encouraging words cannot take you out of your troubles but the Lord can. In our anchor scripture, bible explains Elkanah did everything good so that Hannah can forget about her need to pray to God for a son. But Hannah despite appreciating her husband for his goodness to her never stopped praying to finally have her prayers answered.

3. The Hophni and Phinehas type.
Hophni and Phinehas were the sons of Eli, the priest. Bible described them as sons of Belial for they did know the Lord. These two men when people like Hannah had offered sacrifices unto the Lord, took for themselves the good portions, robbing them off their blessings. They’re in short referred to as compromisers. You must understand that in your quest for your breakthrough you’ll encounter this kind of people. These are people who will tell you to do A or B for them or with them before you can have your breakthrough realized. They’re will be at your workplaces, in your communities, and even in the churches. Bible admonishes you that don’t fall for their antics. Continue to focus on God and He’ll surely answer your prayers.

4. The Eli type
Eli the priest in 1 Samuel 1:12-15 formed an opinion about Hannah right when he saw her praying. For him, he saw Hannah to be drunk, therefore, sought to advise her against drunkenness. He doubted the prayers Hannah offered unto the Lord. Know this – you’ll also encounter such people in the quest to your breakthrough. You’ll encounter the people who will doubt your service to God. These same people will misunderstand you and will misinterpret your actions towards God. But don’t let their actions change you, continue to dedicate yourself to the Lord because you know what you’re looking for.

Mark 11:24
1. Have a desire – Hannah had a desire to have a son and she pursued it till she finally did.
2. Go to God in prayer. It is not enough to just have a desire. You must take action by praying towards it. Prayer is the key that unlocks your blessings.
3. Believe. If you don’t have faith or believe the things you pray about you’ll never have them.
4. Receive. When you pray and believe, receive the things you’ve prayed about. Make declarations that whatever you’ve prayed about will surely come to pass.
5. Laugh. Have a positive countenance after making declarations. Laugh over the things you’ve prayed about.
In conclusion, know that whatever you’re going through is for a reason. God hasn’t forgotten about you/. He’ll surely remember you just as He remembered Hannah. Continue to worship Him and don’t be distracted by your mockers, doubters, sympathizers and compromisers.

Thank you Father for Your word this day. I ask for the grace to put up an unwavering faith no matter the situation I find myself in. I pray that You hear my cries. Remember me o Lord. I declare that all my prayers are answered today in the name of Jesus. Amen.