Three Types of Wisdom

Three Types of Wisdom

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 24:7, 1 Corinthians 2:1-8, James 3:5

Sunday, 17th, March, 2019


As can be remembered from our first sermon from the Wisdom series, we understood that the word wisdom is one rare character every serious Christian must desire to have if they want to live the righteousness of Jesus Christ. The vicissitudes and successes of life on earth requires a deeper understanding from humans, and such is made possible when wisdom is actively applicable in one’s life. If you lack wisdom, even the basic challenges of life will take you by surprise and may end you up in doing anything unexpected. Everything about God’s plan to save mankind through Christ looked doomed to fail because those even beside Him couldn’t grasp the level of God’s wisdom let alone applied it in their lives. From our anchor scripture, precisely, Proverbs 24:7, bible describes wisdom to be too high for a fool: he opens not his mouth in the gate. This lends credence to the fact that wisdom is a very important value serious people, and in this case serious Christians need to have. Because ideally, the God we worship is Himself the embodiment of wisdom.

1. Human Wisdom – Ecclesiastics 1:9, 3:19-20, 7:16-17.
The wisdom of this age is the wisdom we acquire through books, experiences and observations. This wisdom can be acquired by anybody whether they have the Holy Spirit or not. Anyone can attend the medical school and become a doctor and not necessarily have the spirit of God in them. The nature of this wisdom is greatly elucidated by its identification with philosophy, and its god actually is tradition, education, and logic. The Bible is not logical but spiritual because holy men wrote it when the Holy Spirit came upon them. The understanding of the Bible is not derived from logical reasoning but from the Spirit of God. Human wisdom is good but inferior to the other two types of wisdom. Human wisdom operates that if your sickness for instance, cannot be cured by medical science then that’s the end of your life. This type of wisdom is not bad in itself, however, it doesn’t give acknowledgement or recognition to God. Its proponents believe that one becomes successful because of their intelligence or smartness, and they also believe that the earth or humans themselves came into being by themselves.

2. Demonic wisdom – 1 Corinthians 2:6, Ephesians 6:12
The Apostle Paul describes this as the wisdom of the rulers of this age. The rulers of this age some believe are the political or governmental leaders. Well, they may not be entirely wrong, however, a critical inquiry in the bible, reveals that the wisdom of the rulers of this age is referring to demonic wisdom, those of principalities, rulers of the darkness of the earth, spiritual wickedness in high places. Any wisdom that suspends the wisdom of God is demonic. So if you’re acquiring human wisdom and you realize it’s going spiritual which makes the wisdom of God foolish then know that you’re acquiring demonic wisdom. Demonic wisdom gives attention to evil manipulations. Such wisdom is inspired by the prince of this wisdom – Lucifer, the devil, satan. Any wisdom that challenges the wisdom of God is demonic. Anytime you get to that level when you want to make sense of everything then know that you’re manifesting demonic wisdom. Demonic wisdom influences and works with your senses. The wisdom for same sex marriages for instance is demonic. If you live by demonic wisdom eternal life is not your portion. Demonic wisdom doesn’t give reverence to God, it gives you hope spiritually but that kind of hope suspends your hope in Christ. It only helps you to succeed here on earth, but it doesn’t have any bearing on eternity. It will help you to build for yourself treasures here on earth but will end you up in hell.

3. Godly wisdom – James 3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 2:14.
This wisdom is spiritually discerned. It is not something that you can derive from going to school or book knowledge or scientific methods. Matthew 28:18. Godly wisdom cannot and do not change and cannot be disproved. In James 3:16-17, Apostle James describes this wisdom as one which seeks peace, not success. It desires purity, not happiness. It shows itself in willingness to yield to others, a sharp contrast to ambitious self-promotion. This wisdom is not corrupted, it is pure and peaceable and helps you to live a holy life.

In conclusion, godly wisdom is what you need as a Christian to succeed here on earth and also make heaven. Without Christ you cannot have godly wisdom, it is Him who gives us godly wisdom.