By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: 2 John 1-13, 3 John 1-14

Sunday, 27th, November, 2016


Man is a spirit, lives in a body and has a soul. The prosperous soul is the soul that walks in truth and love, submits to Apostolic authority and imitates godly examples.


Firstly, the prosperous soul walks in truth and love, 3 John 1-8. John insisted on the truth because he’s the last living Apostle and had seen many errors crippling into the church; the Lord Jesus Christ repeatedly emphasized the truth in his earthly ministry- John 1:14 & 17, John 3:21, John 8:44, John 14: 6&17, John 16:13, John 18:37. There cannot be grace without truth. This makes truth and love indispensable to our walk in Christ.

Four Things About The Truth And Love

1. To walk in the truth implies knowing the truth. However, when you know the truth, the enemy is defeated so he introduces pride. However again, to overcome pride, you’d need to build up love in order to be humble.

2. To walk in the truth implies growth in the truth. Walking implies steady movement in a purposeful direction, which requires patience, discipline and efforts. 2 Peter 3:18
3. Growth in the truth should always result in love.

4. Love manifests itself in practical good deeds. 1 Timothy 3:2, Titus 1:8. All believers are commanded to practise hospitality Romans 12:13, Titus 2:14

Secondly, the prosperous soul submits to Apostolic authority, otherwise it then becomes the destitute soul.

Four characteristics of a destitute soul

1. The destitute soul always want to be first, 3 John 9

2. The destitute soul uses gossip (sharing information which may be true with those who have no business hearing it) and slander (uses partial truth or flat out lies to change someone’s reputation, to run down his opponent)!.

3. The destitute soul uses relationship for power.

4. The destitute soul bullies others through intimidation. Mark 10:42-44
In conclusion, the prosperous soul walks in the truth and love. He submits to Apostolic authority, seeking to serve rather than to be served. True prosperity is to be rich towards God. True prosperity is to have a prosperous soul.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your word. We humbly ask that You make our souls prosperous. Guide our ways, fill in us a humbling spirit and let’s live to serve rather than to be served. Make our souls prosperous and strengthen us to walk in truth and love, in Jesus Christ name, amen!