By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Genesis 11:1-9, Genesis 2:15, 1 Corinthians 14:40, Proverbs 16:1-4

Sunday, 4th, December, 2016


From the scriptures above, it can be gleaned that in this life, when we don’t desire to make a name for ourselves then we’ve a problem. Whatever imagination we have is a reality before God. And where there is disorder, there is no progress. Progress (success) isn’t something that comes out in a vacuum; it requires a constant deliberate efforts from the person who desires it.


1. Bring order in your life.
The first thing God gave man is a garden not a bush. A garden therefore is an orderly place for productive purposes. For you to be productive, you must be in the garden. God did not give a man a disorderly or a ‘bush’ experience. God wants us to do things in an orderly and proper manner.
NB: There is a place for the anointing and a place for discipline. For the anointing of God to function well in your life then you must be orderly disciplined.
disorderliness is egual to bush life.

2. Have a plan.
Our mind is created purposely to plan things. If you don’t have a plan then anything goes by. And if you don’t have a plan then God has no job to do in your life.
Therefore a plan is a written account of intended future course of action or scheme aimed at a specific time frame. Your plan must be SMART.
S- specific, be specific about the things you want to have
M- measurability, your plans must be measurable
A- attainability, do you think what you want to achieve is attainable?
R- realistic
T- Time bound

Process of Planning

1. Identify your goals to be achieved
2. Formulate strategies as to how you want to achieve your goals.
3. Arrange or create the means required.
4. Implement, direct and monitor all steps in proper sequence. NB: Nothing will happen in your life until you commit your plan to the Lord.

If you don’t have a plan, God can not direct you. Proverbs 12:5,16:22.

Three Reasons Why We Must Plan

1. You must plan because you are valuable to life, born to solve a problem.
2. You are God’s response to a need.
3. You are the answer to the question God knows to be raised in this generation.

In conclusion, deliberate success does not come overnight and does not happen in a vacuum. The investments (time, efforts, etc) we make cumulatively are what make it (success) a reality.

Most gracious Lord, we thank you for the deep revelation of Your word. Success comes from you oh Lord but also at the expense of the desires and investments we put in to make it manifest. We humbly ask that You imbue in us the divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding that will make us successful, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.