By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 6:16-19

Sunday, 12th, February, 2017


Surprisingly, some Christians seem to have the idea that God’s enemies are the atheists, the idol worshippers, etc. But even as Christians, we forget that sometimes we make ourselves God’s enemies with some behaviors we knowingly put on. This text outlines seven of these behaviors that God detests.

– A proud person- A proud person is one who thinks he/she is better or more important than others. He/she does not care about the salvation of others. All they think about is how they could be placed above others. But unfortunately there’s no benefit for being proud. Because God hates the proud person and for that matter anybody who’s proud is also very close to his downfall. (Read Proverbs 16:19, James 4:6).

– A Liar: There are some lies some of us tell that even surprise the devil. It is a dangerous thing to be a liar and remain a liar. And anybody who still tells lies even after giving his life to Christ is still living in his old self. The Bible likens the liar to the devil because he’s the chiefest when it comes to deceits and lies (see John 8:44, Colossians 3:9).

– A hand that sheds innocent blood: Once you shed innocent blood, you’re exhibiting the nature of the devil who is also a murderer. God deals brutally with people who shed innocent blood. What does it mean to shed innocent blood? Beloved, anything you do to set people up is shedding innocent blood. When you also kill another person, you’ve shed an innocent blood. Another way of shedding innocent blood is through betrayal. God detests this person too (read Joel 3:19)

– A heart that conceives and manufactures wicked thoughts. Isaiah 59:4. God equally hates those who conceive evil in their hearts because when they conceive evil in their hearts , they’ll eventually. Why plan evil if you know you’ll not implement? Wicked intentions/wicked hearts calleth evil actions (see Isaiah 59:4, Isaiah 64:1-10).

– Mischievous People: Nehemiah 6:2. Mischievous people are a kind of people God hates and that humans have to contend with. In your face, they pretend to care about you but at your back, they wish evil or bad things to happen to you. Acts 13:10. People who are mischievous are also dishonest persons; they’re always lying about others and even about themselves. They’re wolves in sheep’s clothes. They’re wicked and they cannot do good.

– A false witness. A false witness gives testimony to events they’ve not experienced. Even if he is absent when a particular phenomenon occurred, he’ll say he was there. He can even go to the extent of swearing to support his lies. Such people, God also hates (read 2 Timothy 4:14).

– People who create division and confusion among people. There are many people who hate to see peace in the lives of others. They can go length and breadth to sever a peaceful relationship that exists between/among others. Such people, God also hates (read Romans 16:17-18).

In conclusion, God rewards us according to our works. Whatever we do whether good or bad shall bring us rewards. When you intentionally make life unbearable for others, know that you’ll be rewarded accordingly. Same goes for the good things we do for others.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the deeper insights into Your word. We ask for forgiveness of sins we’ve committed and we humbly ask that you strengthen us to exhibit behaviors worthy before You, in Jesus Christ name we’ve prayed. Amen