By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Daniel 6:1-28

Sunday, 18th, December, 2016


Whenever the mouth of the lion is opened, it means challenges, difficulties, crisis, etc abound .But when you’ve a relationship with God, He’s able to cause people to help you.


1.He had an excellent spirit. Whatever you plan to do in 2017, do it with the spirit of excellence. Excellence has nothing to do with how you rich or poor you’re. It has something to do with your mind. The student that will pass his/her exams must be committed to learning. 2017, in all you do, do it well; have an excellent spirit. If you don’t push for an excellent spirit, you’ll not have it. Until you prove your worth nobody will value you.

2. He was faithful to both divinity and humanity. Luke 16:11-12. When you’re not committed or faithful to somebody’s own, you cannot manage your own. It’s required of a steward first to be faithful. Only be committed to the things that you believe and know you’ll be faithful to.

3. He was faultless. Daniel was faultless. And anybody who is faithful to God finds it very easy to be law abiding.

4. Daniel didn’t serve God only when it was convenient to do so. Don’t serve God because He’s healed you of a particular sickness or given you a job. Does that mean in times of tribulations or problems, you won’t serve God? Even in your difficulties, say to yourself that you’ll still worship God; worship Him because He’s your God Romans 8:35-39.

5. He believed in God even up to the point of death.


1. Humility- James 4:6, Pride goes before a fall. Daniel even in the lion’s den, where there seemed to be no hope for him, still paid homage to King Darius. Humility is a virtue that anybody who wants to be great must develop. Be deliberate to be humble.

2. It is developed over time (Patience) . James 1:2-4 The Daniel principle is developed from time to time, not overnight. Be conscious and guide your life with the Daniel principles and consistently evaluate your life as the day goes by.

3. Be a skeptical inquirer. 1 John 4:1. Daniel’s life wasn’t one that could easily be blown or tossed by the wind. Even when the king decreed, he nonetheless went contrary because he knew the God he served, thus took the initiative to test his faith which eventually overturned the order that existed. By being a skeptical inquirer, you reduce wasted thoughts, actions and ideas in order to focus entirely on the things of God.

4. Complete. The Daniel principle is not a skill but an attitude, that must touch every aspect of your life. Great people are those who work as though they’re working for the Lord. Colossians 2:23.

5. Benchmark against yourself. 2 Corinthians 10:12 Don’t compare yourself to or desire to be like anybody who’s ahead of you. Be yourself; don’t look outward to measure your worth but rather look inward and be content with what God has done for you. Galatians 6:4.

In conclusion, have the patience to develop an attitude like Daniel. Tell yourself in 2017 you’re going to serve God even at your own peril to be yourself. Tell yourself you’re going to have an excellent spirit.

Prayer: Heavenly Father we humbly ask that You enable us eshew pride and cause us to serve You wholeheartedly, in Jesus Christ name. Amen