By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Isaiah 9:6-7, 7:14, Matthew 1:18-25, Romans 5:6-21

Sunday, 25th, December, 2016


There has been two Schools of Thought challenging whether or not this day (Christmas) is the original birthday of our Lord and Personal Savior Jesus Christ. Even in the Christian circus, there are some churches that hold a strong doubt about this same long-held belief. We, at Disciple Nations Church, however, are not here to challenge nor support which of these Schools of Thought is right. That notwithstanding, we desire to place the emphasis that whether 25th December or any other date, Jesus Christ was born, He alone is the reason why the season- Christmas is celebrated almost all over the world, and that’s the most important thing everyone needs to draw their attention to. There’s no way we can talk about the death of Jesus Christ without reference to his birth. In the light of this, it is also very necessary to accept and understand that as Christians, Christmas offers us the rare opportunity to save or win souls without struggle. Arguing or debating whether Christmas isn’t the actual born day of our Lord Jesus makes us a carnally minded people. When you read deeply to understand the revelations behind the birth of Jesus, there are certain arguments you won’t indulge in.


Christ has to be born because of the sin of mankind. For the disobedience of one man sin entered the world; so for man to be remitted from his sins, the Savior had to be born. Genesis 3:1-6, Matthew 1:21.

Jesus had to be born because God wanted to reveal his own character to humanity. Embodied in God is the character “love.” And God demonstrated this character to man by giving his only begotten son. John 3:16.

Jesus Christ had to be born to remove the sins of humans through a perfect sacrifice. It’s important we understand that God didn’t permit animals as means of atonement of man’s sins but to enable us appreciate the fact that for us to be saved from our sins, there’s the need for a sacrifice. Exodus 25:8-9, Exodus 40:34-35, Hebrews 10:4.

Jesus had to be born for mankind to have a mediator. Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant. The ministry of Jesus Christ is better than the levitical priesthood. Hebrews 8.

Jesus had to be born to provide the promise seed of Abraham. Galatians 3:14-16 & 28, Romans 8:14 & 17.

Jesus had to be born for God to make his spirit available to all mankind. As at the moment Adam disobeyed God in the garden of Eden, he also severed the intimate relationship that existed between God and man. But the birth of Jesus proves the point to restore that broken relationship. Acts 2:32-33 & 38, and 2 Corinthians 6:16.

Jesus had to be born for God to redeem mankind. Sin requires a redeemer because the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23, Genesis 3:15, Revelation 12:1-4, and Hebrews 9:9-12.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand that the sole reason for celebrating this day is specifically to celebrate the reason surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. And per the reasons advanced above, you’re the sole reason for Christ been born. So wherever you’re, I want you to join us in this prayer if you strongly want to give your life to Christ.

Dear Lord, we understand that we’re born sinners and that I’ve sinned by disobeying your commandments. I ask that you forgive me my sins. Change my heart to be like yours- loving and full of forgiveness. Help me to obey your teachings as recorded in the Bible and help me live upright. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me from death and giving me new life. Amen