By : Prophet Daniel Kwame Dzikpor

Scripture Reference: Malachi 3:8-10, Hebrews 7:1-2

Sunday, 26th, March, 2017


Tithe is one tenth of what God has blessed you with. Tithing is a command that mush be practiced faithfully. In the kingdom of God, one way of meeting allegiance to the King is through tithing. Genesis 28:20. Tithing is one thing a serious believer needs not joke with because it is one of the ways through which God blesses the believer.

The answer to the above question is NOW.
You’re to tithe now because the moment you get increase in academics, career, marriage, etc, you need to give one tenth of it to God. Tithers don’t suffer. Show me a man who faithfully tithes and I’ll show you a man who’s blessed.

There’s no specific formula to pay tithe. You just have to be committed and faithful to paying your Tithe. You can tithe weekly or monthly.

Every believer needs to pay their tithe to his or her local church, where he or she fellowships and receives spiritual support or covering. You don’t fellowship in one church and pay your tithe to another.

1. It’s a sign of love to God: Paying tithe is a proof that indeed believers love God

2. It’s a sign of obedience to the command of God. John 14:15

1. God will open windows of heaven upon your life. God will give you new ideas and initiatives to present new products on the market, new businesses and investments, etc.

2. God will pour you out a blessing: God will empower you. Deuteronomy 8:18. God’s faithful and He doesn’t fail His children. When you faithfully pay your tithe, you’ll receive your blessings. There are even unbelievers who practice the principle of tithing. Why? Because aside everything they know the blessings that tithing come with.

3. There shall be no room enough to receive it. God will expand your business, He’ll cause growth in every area of your life.

4. God will rebuke the devourer for your sake. He will prevent every loss either by theft, fraud or sabotage and every setbacks in strategic planning. God will ensure that everything of yours will be insured by Him. It is only God who can shield your life from the devourer.

5. God will prevent the enemy from messing up your business whether through witchcraft or other setbacks which are designed to attack your business.

6. He’ll deal with your vine, the very source. He will ensure that your crop will not die before the opportune time. He will ensure that there’s safety at your workplace.
7. All nations shall call you blessed. Do you want to be well thought of in your community? God will promote you and establish your promotion.

8. Tithing supports the great commission- preaching the word of God to other people in all nations, Mathew 28:19.
9. Tithing ensures that your needs will be met. Whatever needs on your heart, if you believe God and continue to pay your Tithe faithfully, that needs will be met.

10. Tithing helps to meet the needs of God’s people. Hopefully the church uses part of its budget to meet the needs of others who are less fortunate.

It’s very important to pay your tithe as instructed by God. All we have belongs to the Lord (1 Timothy 6:17, 1 Corinthians 4:7). Your tithe works for you even though in the physical realm you don’t see the immediate results. Remain faithful to your tithe payment and God will bless you.

Heavenly I declare that henceforth I’ll be committed and faithful in paying my tithe. I ask that you strengthen me in areas that I’m weak and grant me the grace to withstand all temptations, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.