By : Prophet Daniel Kwame Dzikpor

Scripture Reference: Ecclesiastics 12:1-5, Ezekiel 16:4, Proverbs 3:8, Proverbs 18:20, Proverbs 20:27

Sunday, 19th, March, 2017


Have you ever spent time to think about the transitions of life? Do you ever think at all about the possibility of you being in the world? Did you also know that when a baby is born, he/she gets to live when the umbilical cord that connects him to the mother is well cut without any problem?

So just as babies are born into this world with an umbilical cord connecting them to the life-giving source of the mother which is disconnected after birth, people also die and enter the spirit world with an “umbilical-like cord” connecting their spirit body to the life-giving source of the physical body, which is disconnected after death. This umbilical-like cord is what the scripture in Ecclesiastics 12 termed as the Silver Cord. The silver cord connects our spirits to our bodies. Every living person has a silver cord whether they know it or not. Just as the baby’s umbilical cord must be severed for the baby to experience life, the silver cord must be severed for the spirit body to experience spiritual life. It offers the opportunity for a person to leave the earth and be ushered into the spiritual world.

The understanding of the idea of the silver cord is that, life is indeed spiritual and it again confirms that this world is not our own. We all have a place to go and this place is either heaven or hell. It is our works whiles we’re alive on earth that would qualify us for any of these two places.

Beloved, life is empty and pointless in the end if we are living without knowing God and making others know Him too. What will you be remembered for when your silver cord is loose? A person who knew Jesus Christ and shared Him with others? Or a person who lived and never Christ let alone share Him with others?

Beloved, when we die without knowing Christ we’re going to hell. And even if we knew Him, it is required of us to make others know Him too. Life isn’t a matter of duration but about the matter of eternal donation. Life is also repetitive and there’s no lasting glory with wealth, fame possessions, pleasure or worldly wisdom. Our real calling mark is to win souls, to go to the nations and preach the gospel of the salvation of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). It is time to focus on the things that matter. Take on the mandate of living your life as a Christian and take the gospel to the nations.

Most gracious Father we give You the glory and all the honor. We thank You for sending Your son to come and die to save us from our sins. From today, we humbly ask that You cause us the remembrance to fear You and obey Your commandments. In Jesus Christ name we’ve prayed. Amen.