By : Rev. Mrs Eunice Panou

Scripture Reference: Ephesians 2:13

Sunday, 2nd, April, 2017


There’s nothing in this world as effective as the blood of Jesus. The reason is that the damages it repairs cannot be overemphasized.

1. The blood of Jesus reconciles us to God. If there’s one precious thing to reestablish our relationship with God, it’s the blood of Jesus. That connection between God and us severed by sin is repaired only by the blood. Don’t succumb to the guilt and impossibility the enemy builds in you, into thinking that once you lose your relationship with God, you cannot be reconnected to Him anymore. The blood of Jesus closes the gap between us and God. Ephesians 2:13.

2. The blood brings redemption. Our sins take us into slavery and bondage but the blood rebuilds in us the strength to go boldly to the Father and confess our sins for forgiveness. And it is this same blood of Jesus that our Father buys us back from the slavery and bondage brought up by sin. Ephesians 1:7

3. The blood of Jesus keeps us free from sin. When we do not concentrate on the evils of the world, we allow the blood of Jesus to take charge in our lives. The blood therefore brings light to consume every darkness caused by the enemy in our lives.. 1 John 1:7

4. The blood of Jesus sanctifies us. The blood of Jesus makes us God’s very own. Without Holiness, no one can see God, but the blood consecrates us such that

5. The blood of Jesus draws us closer to God. In times past, instant justice is meted out to those who sin but today the blood of Jesus still offers the opportunity to draw nearer to our Father to ask for the forgiveness of our sins. The great deal we could have gone through has been overtaken by this same blood. Hebrews 10:19

6. The blood of Jesus justifies us. Even in our sins, the blood works in our defense. And the reason is because the blood is the atonement of our sins. Jesus Christ died on the Mount of Calvary so that all sinners can have their sins forgiven them. Romans 3:24

7. The blood cleanses our conscience. The blood of Jesus gives us a clear mind to serve the ever-living God. Through the blood, we do not struggle with worshipping and praising God. Acts 13:38-39

8. The blood brings peace to troubled hearts. All our aching hearts are repaired by the peace that the blood of Jesus provides for us freely. Colossians 1:20.

Heavenly Father we thank You for allowing Your beloved son to come die for us, that through the shedding of His blood we might be saved. We ask that You let the blood speak for us. In ways that we’ve fallen, in ways that we’re troubled, let the blood provide redemption. In Jesus Christ name we’ve prayed. Amen.