How To Move Your Life Forward- Part One

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 6:6-11

Sunday, 10th, June, 2018


One of the difficult things to do in this life is to break away from failure. Since time immemorial the world has experienced more than half of its population living in abject poverty and underdevelopment. Only a handful of people can be said to be successful or rich. And for the Christian, it becomes a case of concern to be very successful- the reason been that the world itself rejoices to see everyone else apart from the believer having his or her life move forward. It isn’t for fun that the bible said the believer is not of the world. So the believer particularly must do everything there’s in Christ to be successful. Unfortunately, more believers are seen struggling in life than the unbelievers, and one reason that accounts for this is the lack of knowledge that persists in the lives of most believers. But whatever be the case, it is absolutely an error for the Christian to be poor or end up in poverty. As a believer what you do in this life must prosper; your marriage must prosper; your business/career/job must move forward; your family must advance; and in fact everything that concerns you must move forward. It is wrong to wallow in ignorance and think that per the standards of the world because you failed to do A or B that explains the reason you’re poor. Have you per any chance thought about why in the midst of mentors, teachers, seminars, etc. many still end up poor? In our anchor scripture, God admonishes man to go to the ant and learn from its ways and be wise. Surprisingly the ant has no guide, overseer, or ruler but is able to gather her food in the harvest. What lesson is there to learn? It means there’s some kind of knowledge power that makes a man rich regardless, and such is the knowledge of God. So it is for these occurrences that we bring you the series on how to move your life forward.


  1. Have a personal relationship with God. Psalm 1:1-6

If you want to move your life forward as a believer, it is very important that you develop a personal relationship with God- a relationship that’s sustainable and lasting. Having a personal relationship with God doesn’t mean you only look or come to Him when you’re in a difficulty. It doesn’t also mean that you go to church to worship Him just for the sake of it. What a relationship with God means is that we are receiving communications from God about Himself both through his word and through history. He comes to us in Jesus Christ, in His teaching, in His cross, in His apostles, through His word, and He is speaking to us. And His speaking is made vital to us by the present presence of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. To ensure that you’re on the right path to move your life forward then you must as a matter of urgency seek spiritual growth by being committed to a local church, read your bible on a daily basis, pray, live a righteous life and communicate with God on a daily basis. Don’t just go to church or follow any man of God without the focus being to have a personal relationship with God. Until you develop and have a personal relationship with God He will not reveal Himself to you. And He not revealing Himself to you also means that whatever blessings He has for you is withhold as well. And how can the believer prosper when the blessings of the Lord are withheld from him? So for you to have a prosperous life you must let God be proud of you, let sin be distasteful to you. And such is what is means to have a personal relationship with God.

  1. Know who you are in Christ Jesus. 1 Peter 2:9-10, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 8:14-19

It is not enough to have a personal relationship with God and end there. You must also know who you are in Christ Jesus. A Christian who doesn’t know who he is in Jesus Christ will not benefit from the blessings in Christ. By knowing who you’re in Christ, your mind-set is formed, and whatever a man thinks as a result of what he knows or is made of, so he becomes. If you want to see your life move forward then you must necessarily know who you’re in Christ. Bible describes you as a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people because that’s who you are in Christ. But the question is do you every day see yourself in such light? Don’t succumb to the limitations in your family or society and denigrate yourself in Christ. You’re unique the moment you’re in Christ. Your faith in Jesus is a case to move your life forward but how strong do you carry this case? If you know who you’re in Christ your life becomes a praise to God.

  1. Discover your God given assignment here on earth. 1 Samuel 16:1, Mark 11:24

God is your creator and He is also your manufacturer. You cannot live a life that’s different from what He’s created you for. Bible says in Jeremiah 1:5 that before He formed thee in your mum’s belly He knew you and He knew what you’d become. God has an assignment for everyone. Therefore it is also very important you discover the assignment God has purposed for you. Until you discover your God given talent you will never live a fulfilled life. You can make all the money in this life but it will just be a matter of time that you’d realize such has been a fruitless life. To discover His assignment for you, go to Him in prayer, and ask Him to help you discover your purpose on earth. By this He will open your eyes to opportunities, lead you and guide you to find your purpose. You must also be careful in discovering your purpose. Most often than not the things we do for money are not our God given assignment. Things we always think about and do that bring us fulfilment turn out to be our God given assignment.

In conclusion, it is important we move our lives forward as Christians. The reason been that the Christian or the believer is a royal priesthood, unique and a holy nation. Royals in Christ cannot fail.


Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your infallible word of power that transforms lives. I pray that by the knowledge of this word my life will move forward. I declare that henceforth my relationship, marriage, business, career, business, education and everything that concerns me will prosper, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.