All Things Work Together For Good To Those Who Love God

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Genesis 26, Romans 8:28-38.

Sunday, 29th, April, 2018


Oftentimes when we go through difficulties we are quick to ask God why such things happen to us, as if we’re the only people going through such challenges. Painfully, we turn to make introspection to find out whether the sins or mistakes we’ve committed in life could be the only reasons such things are happening to us. But hear me on this day that, it is not all the time that challenges hit us because of our sinful nature. Many times we go through challenges just so our God will be glorified.

In our anchor scripture (Genesis 26), we saw how Isaac had to go through challenges one after the other. And he went through all that, not because he had sinned against God but because God was preparing him for something more glorious. You must understand that it’s not all the time that when you go through difficulties that God isn’t with you. Even in the midst of your problems know that as long as you love God, all things will work together for your good. The challenges will come though but don’t let them separate you from the love of God as long as you remain a child of God. It is those who love Him that all things work together for their good.


  1. You will surely face challenges no matter how anointed you are. If you knew the challenges that are ahead of you, you will not have the courage to start anything in this life. Challenges are bound to happen to you just because you are human so you can imagine the challenges you’ll face as a Christian. Forget whatever is happening to you and face your challenges. Until you face your challenges and overcome them you cannot be an overcome. In Genesis 26, Isaac didn’t stop when the wells his servants dug were taken away from him. He persevered despite those challenges.
  2. The world will hate you. If you have the Holy Spirit in you, you qualify to be anything great and the world hates that. As a matter of fact, the world hate people who can overcome them. So do not cry when everyone seems to be hating on you. Our saviour Jesus Christ was Himself hated. When you see everyone singing you praises know that something is wrong somewhere.
  3. Even the little you have may be taken away from you. The world will use every means possible to take everything away from you; sometimes even through expenses.
  4. You may even lose hope. Challenges come to make you feel hopeless so that you can condemn yourself and eventually give up on yourself. But know that there’s still hope in Christ. You may sometimes think you cannot succeed in your career, you may think your marriage will not work, etc. because of the untoward things that keep happening to you, and, begin to say negative things about yourself. But be careful what you say to yourself in the midst of difficulties. Don’t lose hope when you’re facing challenges because Christianity is a journey of hope. The only hopeless person in Christ is the one who doesn’t know that there’s hope in Christ.
  5. No matter your challenges always remember that your victory is assured in Christ Jesus. There’s victory for you despite the challenges you’re going through. After challenges come victory. So whenever you’re facing challenges prepare also for the victory that lies ahead of you. When you’ve this understanding you’ll not give up when you’re facing challenges.


  1. Always remember that your challenges are not meant to kill or destroy you. Whatever you’re going through today are not meant to destroy you. Don’t let the enemy deceive to think that your end is near because of the difficulties you’re going through.
  2. Your challenges are meant to make you better and stronger. Whatever couldn’t kill you was to make you stronger and better. When you go through difficulty, after you come out of them, know that you now have the strength to handle others when they come.
  3. Never stop pursuing your dreams because of challenges. In Genesis 26, Isaac didn’t just dig one well, not two, not just three, but several of them despite the oppositions that came his way. He never give up. And it is that zeal that you must also pursue your dreams. Be determined and resolute to pursue whatever God has said about you.
  4. There’s a solution to every problem you face in this life so focus on the solution rather the problem. Your challenges come so you find the solutions to them, not so you fold your arms, cry and do nothing. You only become the blessed of the Lord when you find solutions to your problems.
  5. Until you win don’t stop. Until Isaac became great for King Abimelech to go back to him also begging he didn’t stop to become great.
  6. Rely on God at all times. Challenges easily make people forget God. Your love on God must be fixed; irremovable so that all things will work together for your good.

In conclusion, all things work together for good to those who love God and those who are called unto His purpose. It doesn’t matter what your life might look today or what challenges you’re facing. Be strong in the Lord and remember that if God be for you nobody can be against you. Whenever you feel like quitting ask yourself why you started in the first place.


Father, I thank You for Your timely word for me today. I pray that in the midst of my challenges may You still strengthen me to withstand to the end. Father, do not let anything separate me from You. May my love for You keep growing in Jesus Christ name. Amen.