By : Prophet Daniel Kwame Dzikpor

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 13:22, Ecclesiastes 9:13

Sunday, 16th, July, 2017


It is very important that every believer makes it a point to create wealth and transfer it to generations unborn. To create wealth, there are certain laws that must be adhered to. Each law though stands alone is in tandem with the others.

A law is an instrument for governing or controlling a people or the principle by which certain effects or events are predicted to happen.

1. The Law of creative mentorship: A master key to achieving wealth creation. It is to study those who have creatively been successful in their chosen field. It helps to understudy people who have made it before you. Everybody needs a mentor in their life. 2 Kings 3:11.

2. Law of burning desire: The motivation to acquire wealth positively must be accompanied by a burning desire. Your desire would lead you to your success. Psalm 37:4, Mark 10:35.

3. Law of definite purpose: Money is a neutral instrument therefore the purpose of it must be established before it is created else it can ruin the owner. Proverbs 3:9

4. The law of small beginnings: Many people or entrepreneurs who have made impact started small. Zechariah 4:10.

5. The law of courage: This is your willingness to risk failure and disappointment. It is the measure of your desire to succeed. Joshua 1:8

6. The law of entrepreneurship: More people become wealthy by starting their own successful businesses than by all other ways on earth. Proverbs 14:23, Proverbs 24:7

7. The law of seed time and harvest time: Whatever you sow, you shall reap. People never lack what they give. Rather they lack what they keep. Everything God created works and revolves around seed and harvest time. Nothing comes from heaven to the earth when nothing has moved from the earth to heaven. The giving grace cuts you off poverty. If you become a perpetual need oriented Christian, you’ll end up a permanent poor individual in the kingdom of God. Psalm 126:5, 2 Chronicles 7:5, 2 Chronicles 1:6, 2 Chronicles 5:6.

8. The law of persistence: If you persist long enough you’ll eventually and inadvertently succeed. Persistence breaks resistance. Ruth 1:1-16, Proverbs 24:10

9. The law of risk: This law says that go forward and try other things. Whatever happens, let it happen. 2 Kings 7:3, Esther 4:16

10. The law of sound: It says if you say nothing, you receive nothing. Genesis 1:1-11; Proverbs 18:20-21; 1 Peter 3:10-12

11. The law of enrichment: It says all lasting wealth comes from enriching others in some way. You can’t be rich whilst those around you are still poor.

12. The law of continual investment: Matthew 25:27
God expects us to make Him proud. It is God’s wish that His children will prosper; not to beg and be in need. He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants. Do everything to get out of poverty.

Heavenly Father, I ask that You empower me to walk in financial dominion everyday of my life. Fill me with more ideas that would transform this world, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.