The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 23:7, John 1:12, Genesis 11:1-6, 1 Corinthians 2:9

Sunday, 24th, September, 2017


The power of thought is one of the strongest and most useful powers every person must possess. It is most powerful because it reinforces everything that exist in this world. The universe is a product of thought; the planets are products of thoughts; and yourself you’re a product of thought. There’s absolutely nothing in this life that isn’t a product of thought, and that makes our thoughts so powerful. So that means for anybody to be able to make impact in life, he/she must use the power of thought effectively and efficiently. Whatever we can conceive, we can become and that makes the opposite also true. Our imagination is the only thing that causes the difference in our lives; it is what causes the change in our lives.

What then is thought?

Generally, a thought is defined as an idea/opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. It is also defined as the action or process of thinking. The power of thought however is the ability to create a mental picture of your desired future. God has given each one of us the ability to create our future (Matthew 25:14-29). So, when we’re not thinking right we’re wasting God’s resources. The number one step in the development of a new product is Idea Generation. Without first an idea, you cannot have a new product. It takes just an idea to turn something around. It took just one simple idea for God to cause Nehemiah to build the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1:1-7). It took just on simple idea for Joseph to become the prime minister of Egypt. It also took just one simple idea for David to become a king (1 Samuel 17). Nobody needs many ideas to become great; just one idea is enough.


1. Pray to God for inspiration. God is the custodian of ideas. He knows what may become of us even before we’re born, so it is best through prayer to run to Him for ideas. He knows our capabilities and potentials because He’s the Omniscient God. There’s nothing you can become in this life without prayer.

2. Observe things and happenings around you. Great things do not happen in a vacuum. Walk around and observe the things other people are doing because there are potentials everywhere. There’s nothing new under the sun so watch, observe, learn and become.

3. Socialize outside your normal circles. Your network is your net worth. How much value you have is determined by the kind of associations you belong to. Occasionally attend seminars and conferences, make new friends and keep in touch with them.

4. Read more books. A great leader is the one who reads books. Books are great and powerful tools for creating new thoughts and simulating new ideas. Invest in books, visit the library once in a while and get books to read because reading is key in generating new ideas.

5. Randomly surf the internet. Search for new ideas from the internet. Google to understand the meaning of things you do not have prior knowledge of.

6. Have a diary of ideas. Have a book where you write down ideas that randomly occur to you no matter how small, big or crazy they may seem.

7. Meditate on your ideas. We are often so busy we feel there’s no time to stop and meditate. But meditation actually gives us more time by making our minds calmer and more focused. A simple 10-15 minutes spent in meditation can help us to overcome stress and find some inner peace and balance in generating ideas and finding solutions to our problems.

8. Use structured exercise. Engaging in simple exercises help you build great ideas.

In conclusion, whatever you do, do it well because when you die there’s no work to be done (Ecclesiastics 9:10).

Heavenly Father, I come to Your presence solemnly asking that You shape my thoughts from today. Give me the strength to always think positively and generate ideas that’ll transform this world. In Jesus Christ name. Amen.