By : Rev. Mrs Eunice Panou

Scripture Reference: Acts 4:12

Sunday, 30th, April, 2017


The name Jesus is so powerful that the ignorance of it is robbing many of God’s blessings and fulfillment in their lives. The ignorance of the name Jesus has prevented many Christians from reaching the heights God desires for them. The enemy knows the power that’s in the name Jesus so he tries every way possible to rob us of such knowledge. He does this because he knows how powerful we’ll become when we know this name (read Acts 4:12).

The name Jesus brings us salvation; salvation in so many forms- salvation from our sins, poverty and everything you can imagine (Acts 3:16). The name Jesus makes us strong and also gives us courage. Anybody who encounters the name Jesus becomes new; he/she takes on a life that’s recreated with the Holy Spirit.
The meaning of the name Jesus is God our salvation. When the name Jesus works in your life, you begin to attain heights that you wouldn’t have if you’ve not encountered the name. The name indeed brings preservation.

1. His name gives our identity. Why is this possible? Because our savior has a name- Jesus Christ, those who believe in Him are also identified as Christians. Why? Because these are people who walk and do everything like Christ. Jesus makes people identify us as who we are (Acts 11:26).

2. Jesus’s name is above every other name. The name Jesus is above sicknesses, pains, poverty, oppressions, disgrace, etc. Anything that has a name on earth is below the name Jesus. What has been bothering you all your life? Is it cancer, unemployment, confusion? Apply your faith in the name Jesus on such situations and see the results (Philipians 2:9-11).

3. Only through His name can you get anything from God. John 16:23-24. The blessings of God abound; everyone of us could have access to them. However, this is only possible when we go by the name Jesus. It is only by the name Jesus that God will grant our requests, not by any other man (John 16:23-24).

4. Everything Jesus is and carries is in His name. Mark 16:17-18. The name Jesus carries power to shut down every unwholesome situation. When sickness abounds, the name Jesus heals it (Mark 16:17-18).

5. His name is at work 24/7. There’s no limit to the time the name Jesus is at work. The name is potent at every second, minute, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc. It has no expiration date attached to it. The name Jesus is not dependent neither on time nor location (Revelation 1:18, Matthew 28:20).

6. The enemy knows and understands the power of names, most especially the name Jesus. The devil knows the potency in the name Jesus and that’s why he tries to rob us of such knowledge. Don’t fall for the devil’s tactics ( Matthew 8:29, Acts 16:18).

7. The name of Jesus is a strong refuge. When we’re covered by the name Jesus, there’s nothing to worry about. The name Jesus provides enviable protection such that when you’re shielded by the name, certain dangers do not even come your way (Proverbs 18:10).

8. His name commands instant delivery. Anytime we pray fervently with the name Jesus instant healing is delivered unto us (Acts 9:34).

9. The power in the name of Jesus is invoked through faith. We work or apply the name of Jesus with a currency and that’s faith (Acts 3:16).

10. You’re qualified to use His name only if you’re born again. The name Jesus works perfectly for those who’ve accepted Him as their Lord and personal Savior, and are willing to live their lives as His.

There’s healing, deliverance among other things with Jesus. Just start applying it and there will be so many testimonies in your life.

I promise to work the name Jesus in my life henceforth and I believe my life will never be the same. I’m Jesus Christ name. Amen.