The Power of Courage

The Power of Courage

By : Pastor Jerry Panou

Scripture Reference: Numbers 13:1-4 & 17, Numbers 14:1 - 9

Sunday, 10th, September, 2017


One of the greatest qualities you need to cultivate and hone to accomplish your God given assignment is courage. The people making it big at the top are doing so because of the courage they possess. You can have all the knowledge of the world but without courage your life will amount to nothing. You actually need courage to be able to do all the things God has purposed in your life.

What then is courage?

The word courage is used in different variations based on who is using it and at what time. To the world, courage is understood to be the ability to do things that defy biblical principles. Christians on the other hand understand courage to be the ability to take a stand in biblical principles. Courage can also be defined as the ability to do something that frightens you- being motivated to do something great. It in other words can be seen as the ability to do something great/brave out of the motivation of the heart.


Positive Courage: This is courage inspired by the spirit of God. With this courage, you can be patient and also endure tribulations. Romans 5:3-5

Negative Courage: This is courage inspired by the spirit of the world. It is the courage that inspires one to commit sin and never feel remorseful about it. Such courage is of the devil and gradually drags one to destruction.


• You need to show courage because of your assignment on earth: David wouldn’t have defeated Goliath if he didn’t have courage, and we all need that same courage to fight our Goliaths. Without courage, great men otherwise would have amounted to nothing. Without courage, you cannot perform creditably well anywhere you find yourself in life. It is not enough to know or discover your purpose on earth; you actually need courage to accomplish it. It takes courage to stand out.

• You need to have courage because your promise land already has occupants. The next level you want to move to is not empty; there are several thousands of people already occupying seats. But until you take a step you’ll not fulfill destiny. Whatever you want to become somebody else has already become. You need courage to make yourself distinct. Know that courage produces excellence and excellence overtakes competition.

• You’ve giants to face: If you’ve courage to face giants you surely shall overcome. People who run away from giants do not fulfill destinies. If you can ignore giants, you can become great. Without courage, giants will continue to suppress and scare you.

• Internal opposition: It takes courage to break away from internal opposition. If you’re not courageous you’ll end up like everybody in your family or community. David has to defy the discouragement shown him by his own brothers to grab the opportunity to overcome Goliath and that’s what you also need to do even if that will mean you severing some family ties.

• You need to be courageous because of disappointments and delays: It takes courage for one to continue to fight despite the disappointments and delays that come your way in life. The person who’s not moved by circumstances will surely overcome.


• Draw strength from the Lord: The statement ‘the Lord is with us’ is enough to give one the strength to do exploits. You must consistently pray, fast and read your bible to draw inspirations from the Lord. Psalm 61:2, 1 Samuel 17:37

• Remember your past victories and experiences: There’s nothing that God has done before that He can never repeat. Don’t forget what the Lord has done for you in the past. Also know that most of the things we do when we become great are the things we do when we were small but on smaller scale. 1 Samuel 17:33-37.

• Be inspired by your visions, assignment on earth and your dreams: One of the things that inspire us are the rewards that lie ahead of us. Without vision, you can never do anything great. Be committed to whatever vision you have and show courage in accomplishing it.

• Face your fears: People who give up easily do not become successful in life. Until you face your fears, there will be no victory for you. Whatever you don’t commit yourself to, you don’t become a master of it. David saw the gigantic nature of Goliath yet he didn’t allow that fear consume him. He saw Goliath the same way he saw the bear he killed.

• Always remember that with God by your side, you cannot fail: With God all things are possible. God brings victories to those who acknowledge His presence in their lives and are willing to worship Him wholeheartedly. Joshua 1:1-9.

In conclusion know that when you lack courage you’ll never fulfil destiny. Be strong and courageous in order to stand out in life.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your word. I humbly ask that You fill me with courage to surmount all the challenges that come my way in this life. In Jesus Christ name. Amen.