Theme of Year - 2024 – Our Year of Prosperity on Every Side

Welcome to our Year of Prosperity.

A year we’ve prophetically declared as our Year of Prosperity on Every Side, drawing inspiration from Elder John’s desire for Gaius’ well-being and prosperity in 3 John 2.

Our faith is anchored in the anticipation of financial abundance, overall health, and the preservation of our souls.

Placing our trust in God, we seek His blessings for financial prosperity, success in our endeavors, good health and the strength to maintain unwavering faith.

As we navigate this promising year, let’s stand firm, work diligently, and uphold steadfast trust in God.

Remember, relying solely on humanity may falter (Jeremiah 17:5).

I pray for the Lord’s enduring presence, mercy, and prosperity throughout 2024 in Jesus name. Amen.

Have a Prosperous Year!!!

Pastor Jerry Panou
Head Pastor

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