Weekly Motivation: #RiseUp

Sunday, 8th, March, 2020

There are people who look at us, size us up, condemn us and conclude that nothing good can come out of us mostly based on what they see about us in the physical. But can I submit to somebody that physical looks doesn’t always determine the battles you can win in this life?

Your victories in this life are not always determined by what men can see with their physical eyes so that even if men think our lives will amount to nothing probably because of the families we are coming from, educational, social or financial background, that can’t stop us from emerging victorious in this life. Anybody can make it big. Anybody at all can become a global icon. The secret to rising above your limitations is in Psalm 78:72.

“So he shepherded them according to the INTEGRITY of his heart, and guided them by the SKILLFULNESS of his hands.

Integrity and Skillfulness are the keys to success in this life. So rise up. Improve on your skills and pursue integrity.

I hope this helps somebody?

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